Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Art of Seeing...

Erin & Paul, Eolia Mansion, via Maggie Conley Photography

Deirdre & Jason, Elihu Island via Adeline and Grace Photography

With just a couple days away from the big event we are so excited to introduce you to a couple of amazingly talented ladies. Erica Coppell & Tiffany Fosnight of Adeline and Grace Photography and Maggie Conley and Maria Scaglione of Maggie Conley Photography. These ladies are truly incredible in capturing your day from behind the lens and have mastered the art of photography.

On Sunday they will be presenting a workshop together that will discuss the topic: "Presentation/Designing your Heirlooms." The design and art of making images is very creative however the more collaborative part is in the final stages, which is a great inspiration topic. Adeline and Grace and Maggie Conley are very similar in their offerings as photographers and yet distinctly different in their aesthetic sensibilities. This makes a great collaborative presentation! We are thrilled to have them collaborating with us on this event

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